Thursday, September 16, 2010

Steps I have Taken to Create my PLN

  1. Enrolled in the Personal Learning Environments Networks and Knowledge course.
  2. Created my profile on the course Moodle (the course management system aka learning management system, or virtual learning environment) so that participants in the course can learn about and contact me.
  3. Updated my Google Reader (an RSS feed reader) to include many of the top education websites and blogs as well as some of the blogs from other participants in the course.  (Many of these can be found over here on the right ---> in my blogroll).  I am choosing this method as my primary way to keep current and up to date with the field of education.
  4. Created my very first blog using Blogger.  This is the main way I plan on reflecting on the course material.
  5. Participated in the first "live session" of the course using Elluminate.  Actively participated by interacting with the online white board, the chat feature, and the polling feature.  Learned how to take notes during the session.  Saved a copy of the chat file so that I could try to connect with some of the participants afterwards.
  6. E-mailed a few participants that I had engaged in the live chat encouraging them to visit this blog and stay in contact with me.
  7. Posted reflections on my blog about the live session and one of the readings.
  8. Read some of the other participants blogs.  Tried to comment on a few new blogs encouraging the authors to keep writing and letting them know that someone out there is reading what they write.
  9. E-mailed mentors, colleagues, and friends actively involved in the field of education telling them about my enrollment in the course, this blog, and my desire to strengthen my PLN.
  10. Used Facebook to reach out to additional friends and colleagues.  There are quite a few people who I connect with using this medium instead of e-mail.


  1. Hi! Thank You for sharing. I also wanted to participate in the Elluminate session. It started at the same time as a meeting in our school, parents invited, so I had to leave the session for the IRL :-) Next time I will try to join.

  2. Sweet mother of pearl. Those aren't steps, they're a TREK!

    I think your willingness to dive into the ways and try figuring things out bodes well. I was talking with a colleague this evening (first face to face after online contact); we both talked about how pressing PUBLISH that first time is crossing a border you might never have expected to traverse.

    It can be habit forming.